Who we are & what we do.

VON ARDENNE develops and manufactures industrial equipment for vacuum coatings on materials such as glass, wafers, metal strip and polymer films. These coatings give the surfaces new functional properties and can be between one nanometer and a few micrometers thin, depending on the application.

Our customers use these materials to make high-quality products such as architectural glass, displays for smartphones and touch screens, solar modules and heat protection foil for automotive glass.

We supply our customers with technologically sophisticated vacuum coating systems, extensive expertise and global service. The key components are developed and manufactured by VON ARDENNE itself.

Systems and components provided by VON ARDENNE make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. They are vital for the manufacturing of products that help decrease energy consumption or generate energy from renewable resources.

VON ARDENNE was founded in 1991 as a spin-off of the Manfred von Ardenne Research Institute in Dresden. The technological principles and components which are vital to our current success had been developed and steadily improved by this institute since 1955. Read more about our company history.

Over 50 years of experience with electron beam processes and more than 40 years of competence in magnetron technology make VON ARDENNE a leading provider of glass coating systems and equipment for thin-film photovoltaics. This technology competence is used in all our products and guarantees that our customers receive reliable systems for their production.

VON ARDENNE relies on an international network with subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and the USA, in addition to our headquarters in Dresden, Germany.

At VON ARDENNE, we adhere strictly to the values which provided the basis for the work of Manfred von Ardenne - scientific meticulousness and curiosity, the constant search for innovative technical solutions, quality awareness, sustainable activity and reliability.

Executive Management & Company

 Pia von Ardenne


Executive Management: Pia von Ardenne

Headquarters: Am Hahnweg 8 | 01328 Dresden | Germany

Established: in 1991 as spin-off of the former Manfred von Ardenne Research Institute

Shareholders: 100 % von Ardenne families

Quality Management

"Power lies in Quality" - Friedrich Nietzsche

For VON ARDENNE, quality means that our products are always reliable while using innovative and efficient technology. We commit to meeting the expectations of our customers and to their full satisfaction throughout the lifetime of each product.

We consider continuous improvement a task for everyone and a process of change, which encompasses all business areas of our suppliers. As a result, we can guarantee the excellent quality of our product portfolio: coating equipment, upgrades, spare parts and service. 

Long-Term Partnership Ensures Mutual Success

We support our customers on their way to growth and help them reach their ambitious goals. Because our customers' success is our success!

Therefore, we are at your side - from the first consultation to after sales service. Together with you, we will strive for the best solutions in order to meet the requirements of the market. Our expertise, our advanced technologies and our ability to react quickly and reliably will ensure our mutual success.

You can rely on:

  • the proficiency and the customer-oriented quality awareness of our employees
  • the experience with the development and manufacturing of components of our suppliers
  • the assessment of the quality of our products by our customers

Exceptional Quality

VON ARDENNE received the First Solar NOVA Award 2015 as Best in Class Supplier.

How Quality Management Works at VON ARDENNE

We do not just focus on detecting and correcting defects within the manufacturing process. First and foremost, it is our aim to identify problems before they occur. In order to achieve that, we have integrated QM methods into the entire value chain - from gathering customer requirements, to product planning and development to commissioning and after sales service.

We make sure that our quality standards are incorporated into our work and our products by a close cooperation throughout all departments true to the motto: "Solutions are more important than problems."

Our Focus in Quality Management:

We apply established methods, not only to ensure the quality of our products and services, but to increase it continuously. We focus mainly on:

  • Risk evaluation
  • Consistant change management
  • Qualification and development of suppliers
  • Quality agreements with suppliers
  • Product acceptance and inspection
  • Solving problems according to the 8D method
  • Sustainable error and complaint management
  • The lessons learned method/continuous improvement process (CIP)

Social Commitment

Donations & Sponsoring

Being a company based in Saxony, VON ARDENNE feels committed to this region and its people. We express our commitment by getting involved in education, science, research, environment projects, sports and cultural activities.

Apart from that, we support the projects, clubs and associations that our employees are engaged in within their communities.

We support:

  • Elbhangfest Dresden city festival
  • Chinese Pavilion Dresden
  • Gymnasium Dresden-Buehlau high school
  • Mittelschule Weissig secondary school
  • KITA am Hochwald kindergarten
  • Physics awards at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
  • Reconstruction of the Lingnerschloss mansion


There are good reasons to get involved in different institutions as an active member or as a partner.

These institutions are platforms for presentations and publications as well as for sharing knowledge in interesting fields. With the help of these platforms, our experts get the chance to create networks, to discuss certain problems or to work on specific topics together with other institutions and associations.

  • AIMCAL - Association of Industrial Metalizers, Coaters and Laminators
  • The German Association of Small and Medium Sized Businesses (BVMW)
  • European Society of Thin Films (EFDS)
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)
  • Network of Competence of Industrial Plasma Surface Technology (INPLAS)
  • Saxon Regional Conservation Foundation
  • PLASMA Germany
  • Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC)
  • Silicon Saxony e.V.


 "I could have become an astronomer", Manfred von Ardenne said when he remembered his enthusiasm for astronomy as a boy. When he was in school, he made telescopes that were up to two meters long out of spectacle lenses, curtain rods and wood from crates. With those telescopes, he observed moon craters, sunspots, phases of Venus and Jupiter. All his life, he kept an interest in astronomy.

In 1956, one year after he had arrived in Dresden, Manfred von Ardenne had an observatory built on the premises of his research institute. A Zeiss refracting telescope with a diameter of 200 millimeters and a focal length of 3,000 millimeters was installed into the observatory. Manfred von Ardenne had bought this rare specimen of optical and fine mechanical craftsmanship, which was built between 1909 and 1911. It is one of only six of its kind.

After the building and the refractory telescope had been restored, the observatory was reopened in 2007 on the occasion of Manfred von Ardennes 100th birthday and was opened to the public.

If you look through this telescope, you might even spot the asteroid (4849 = 1936 QV), which was discovered in 1936 and named after Manfred von Ardenne in honor of his achievements.